Airspace Operations and Design

Airspace operations modeled with Simmod PRO!

In-depth knowledge of air traffic operations and unique set of tools

ATAC has participated in airport master planning, benefit-cost analysis, design of new airports, and runway expansion and reconfiguration projects by providing airfield and airspace simulation/analysis and noise impact assessment. ATAC's tools and experience allow us to address critical airport planning issues such as:

  • How does projected air traffic growth affect airport delays?
  • Which new airfield configuration provides the most operating benefit in terms of delay, throughput, and airfield congestion?
  • How should a new terminal be laid out, or an existing one be reconfigured?
  • How can security screening be modified to improve passenger and baggage flow?
  • What is the noise impact on the surrounding community of new runways, revised operating procedures, or projected future traffic demand?
  • How can complex air traffic operations and noise issues be visualized and presented to the community?

Past ATAC studies include:

  • En route and terminal airspace design
  • Traffic flow and rerouting options
  • Airspace saturation and choke point relief
  • New airways and offshore routings
  • Military airspace impacts
  • Curved instrument approaches
  • Runway use and taxiing patterns
  • Airspace redesign for new/expanded airports
  • Mitigation of aircraft noise impacts
  • Capacity and delay impacts of noise abatement
  • Airfield improvements
ATAC offers a unique set of airport planning and design tools that are critical to successfully isolating airport problems, identifying potential solutions, and evaluating alternatives. These tools have been developed by ATAC over many years to meet the needs of designers and analysts for system visualization, graphical design, operations simulation, and impact evaluation. Some of the key tools used by ATAC to meet the needs of customers include:
  • Simmod PRO! - an advanced derivative of SIMMOD that provides advanced capabilities to conduct airport and airspace simulation analysis that cannot be addressed by other models.
  • AEDT - Aviation Environmental Design Tool, the FAA's standard noise assessment tool for airport noise and emissions.
  • SkyView® provides a comprehensive set of software tools for gathering aviation performance and supporting data, measuring and baselining operations, and helping to design, implement, and evaluate operational improvements. SkyView contains configurable data collection, analysis, reporting, and management modules that can be tailored to your needs

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