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Airspace simulations show impact of airfield modifications

Airspace and airfield simulations provided the impact of proposed airfield modifications for reducing or eliminating runway incursions at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The noise modeling effort included a single-event noise analysis of neighboring communities, which are affected by noise from taxiing aircraft at LAX. In addition to the single-event noise analysis, simulation modeling provided a quantitative analysis of the impacts resulting from the proposed alternative airfield designs in terms of runway throughput, runway crossings, ground taxi travel and delay times, and average annual taxi time at LAX. Additional simulation results provided impacts of the relocation of a runway to allow space for a center taxiway and on the airport's operations during the construction phase of work.

ATAC developed, under a subcontract with HNTB for LAWA, an airfield and airspace computer simulation model (Simmod PRO!), at LAX for analyzing various airfield designs. The purpose of this simulation modeling effort was to determine the effects of proposed airfield modifications in order to reduce or eliminate runway incursions at LAX. The specific challenges of this study ranged from issues related to future fleet mixes as well as advanced simulation controls needed to accurately simulate operations under the alternative airfield designs proposed. Issues addressed were new airfield constraints that would arise in future demand schedules caused by the introduction of a new generation of aircraft (A380) on an airfield not currently designed for an aircraft of that size. Alternative airfield designs that were analyzed included a center taxiway on the south airfield that required the simulation model to dynamically move crossing points for arrivals. Another alternative design was for an end-around taxiway that required advanced simulation logic to control both arrivals using the end-around taxiway and departures from the south airfield.

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