Military Aviation Simulation Model - NASMOD

Military aviation modeling using NASMOD

Powerful Tool for Military Aviation Modeling

Military Aviation Simulation Model (NASMOD), is a powerful, flexible tool for analyzing a wide range of military aviation operational alternatives. NASMOD is also an ideal tool for modeling military ground and at-sea (both surface and sub-surface) operations. This sophisticated simulation model, along with the expertise to effectively apply it, is uniquely available from ATAC. ATAC has conducted numerous large military airfield and airspace studies for the Department of Defense using NASMOD modeling and simulation such as study for MCAS Iwakuni.

Watch video below to see NASMOD in action.


NASMOD produces highly defensible projections of real-world results for a wide variety of military airfield and special use airspace operational scenarios, including:

  • Military air/sea/land range and facility encroachment impact analysis
  • Pilot training requirements, including airfields, airspace, instructors, syllabus, aircraft type, maintenance, fuel, and operating costs
  • Airfield and airspace capacity under proposed operational alternatives
  • Impacts of special use airspace changes on both military and civilian operations
  • Impacts of the interaction between military and civilian aircraft operations
  • Impacts of encroachment on military operations (air, surface and sub-surface) at airfields, in Special Use Airspace, and within training ranges including fiscal costs and operational readiness
  • Identify operational and RF spectrum management problems


NASMOD was originally developed as a derivative of the FAA-validated SIMMOD® airport/airspace simulation model and retains SIMMOD's civil aviation simulation functionality. Other features include:
  • Military-specific operations such as touch-and-goes, field carrier landing practice (FCLP), air-ground range utilization, air-refueling, formation and adversarial multi-platform operations
  • Single base or multi-airfield and Special Use Airspace (SUA) regional coverage
  • Detailed mission profiles including in-flight decision-making
  • Daily flight schedules based on recurring and unfulfilled training requirements
  • Simulation periods of one or more years to capture all cyclical trends
  • Detailed airspace and ground operations including visual and instrument approaches and departures, hot refueling pits, ordnance loading areas and much more
  • Unique helicopter, V/STOL, and Unmanned Aerial System operations


When considering complex alternatives with far-reaching impacts, NASMOD provides a defensible analysis that can identify inefficiencies or problems before they occur and achieve potentially significant cost-avoidance. The in-depth simulation of a myriad of operational and environmental factors produces results that go far beyond the intuitive.
  • Alternatives analysis supports smart decision-making
  • Capacity analysis proves capabilities and supports requirements
  • Enables efficient matching of infrastructure to needs
  • Detailed operations analysis supports air traffic control manning requirements
  • Operations data used as a basis for NEPA-required noise and environmental analyses of changes in base loadings, facility improvements, and introduction of new aircraft types.


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