RF Spectrum Management - Forecasting Demand through Operations Simulations

NASMOD simulations identify peak RF spectrum resources limitations

The challenge: Can current or proposed frequency resources support future demand on the range?

The exponentially growing demand on the limited radio frequency (RF) spectrum by military units is straining the limits of available resources. RF spectrum managers of training ranges, weapons testing ranges and other military operations facilities are becoming increasingly challenged in their ability to predict, manage, and meet demand from multiple users. NASMOD offers an effective and defensible approach for modeling military (and associated civil) operations for any period of time and includes the ability to identify and analyze the resulting operational demand on spectrum resources in order to plan for and successfully complete required operations.

NASMOD’s strength in modeling military operations lies in its training requirements-driven simulations that capture and track resource demands. NASMOD is unique in its ability to model cyclical training and other military-unique demands over long periods of time ensuring the capture of peak activity periods missed with less sophisticated modeling methods.

NASMOD was originally designed to model aviation operations; however it is equally effective for ground and at-sea applications. NASMOD simulations identify peak demand periods and RF spectrum resource limitations on training and testing operations.

Customer Case Study

At a CONUS DOD combined weapons and training range, managers were concerned what the impacts on high-priority weapons testing would be from adding a periodic large-force training exercise along with nearby basing of a new high performance aircraft type. The large-force exercises included multiple aviation (including unmanned aerial systems) and ground forces, special operations, and sea-based support. Weapons-testing schedules could not be interrupted and were highly variable. Range scheduling and RF spectrum managers needed a tool to forecast and identify ground, airspace, and RF resource demand in order to mitigate overlapping requirements.

Using NASMOD, ATAC analysts and range managers mapped resource demands allowing planning and scheduling to accommodate all requirements months in advance of the new exercise schedule. NASMOD also identified training resource constraints that required additional capacity while supplying the defensible justification for those additional resources.

NASMOD can solve your operational and RF spectrum management problems as well.

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