Human-Centered Safety Analysis

Modeling radar data using GRADE

Providing decision makers with insightful measures of the performance and safety

ATAC supported NASA's Aviation Safety Project (AvSP) in the design and development of a human-centered aviation modeling and safety analysis capability that would integrate human performance models, air traffic simulation models, and risk assessment tools in a flexible, agent-based, modular system for the safety impact analysis of advanced technologies.

The objectives of NASA's Aviation Safety Monitoring and Modeling (ASMM) Program were to provide decision makers with insightful measures of the performance and safety of the national aviation system to identify life-threatening conditions, events and trends that could compromise safety. In addition, it wanted to provide reliable predictions of system-wide effects of proposed changes to the aviation system in technology, procedures and training.

As partners with Batelle in this development effort, ATAC worked closely with San Jose State University (SJSU) and Georgia Tech (GT) University to integrate various tool sets and data sources. Using metered approaches for arrivals to LAX as the demonstration case, ATAC created an ATC simulation model of the approach sectors using GT's agent-based Reconfigurable Flight Simulator (RFS). Interfacing the RFS framework with SJSU's Air Man-machine Design and Analysis System (Air MIDAS), detailed simulations of ATC performance comparing Time-based Metering (TBM) and Miles In-trail (MIT) procedures were developed.

Using an extensive set of radar-based flight track data from PDARS, ATAC developed numerous representative baseline and "stressed" simulation scenarios. In addition, ATAC undertook an extensive data mining effort on a large database of PDARS radar-based flight track data to perform the verification and validation of the simulation results.

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