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Simmod Pro at Oakland International

Oakland International Airport (OAK) – Runway 29 Access Improvement Alternative

Because of the close proximity of departure and arrival routes to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and San Jose International Airport (SJC), successive departure aircraft from OAK need to be separated to give Northern California TRACON (NCT) controllers the ability to merge traffic from all three regional airports.  For example, two sequential north-bound departures at OAK are likely to be required to have a minimum separation of 10 nm in order to properly sequence traffic from the other bay area airports. By improving the queuing area at Runway 29, aircraft can be sequenced more efficiently to minimize the 10 nm restriction, thus decreasing delay at OAK.

Simmod PRO! Solution

Several levels of ground simulation logic needed to be implemented to insure that operations were being modeled accurately. The sophisticated Simmod PRO! logic included rules, such as:

  • East-bound departures make up the majority of the flights in the future demand schedule that was used for this analysis; therefore all east-bound aircraft taxi using the northern (proposed) taxiway.
  • North-bound and south-bound aircraft taxi using the southern (existing) Taxiway W.
  • Aircraft use two queues along the two taxiways and are sequenced in such order that the 10 nm restriction is avoided as much as possible.
  • During times when there are only aircraft along one of the two taxiways, aircraft proceed to the runway and are not excessively delayed. However, once there are aircraft in the area near the runway that can be sequenced, the model will sequence aircraft to efficiently minimize the 10 nm restriction.

See Simmod PRO! in action as it models air traffic into and around OAK. PLEASE NOTE: Animations contain a large amount of data requiring as much as five seconds to load.

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