Simmod PRO! - Case Study

Simmod Pro at BHX and CVT in the United Kingdom

Birmingham (BHX) and Coventry (CVT) Airports (United Kingdom) – Airspace Dependencies at Neighboring Airports

As a result of the close proximity of BHX and CVT and the configuration of their runways, arrival and departure operations at these two airports impact one another.  The major cause of this interaction results from the interaction of the BHX Runway 33 arrival final and the initial departure heading from CVT along the Runway 23 extended centerline.  Interactions between the BHX arrivals and CVT departures are controlled by utilizing a minimum five nautical mile lateral separation.  This creates an area known as the “Critical Area” around the BHX final approach path.

Simmod PRO! Solution

Advanced airspace simulation logic was needed to insure that operations were being modeled accurately.  The sophisticated Simmod PRO! logic included rules to address such questions as:

How do arrivals to BHX block departures from CVT?

As an arrival aircraft to BHX , it takes a “Critical Area” resource from the Simmod PRO! simulation system.  The arrival aircraft holds on to this resource until it has passed out of the “Critical Area.”  Aircraft departing Runway 23 at CVT will then hold by performing an activity if an aircraft is in procession of the “Critical Area” resource.

Who is given priority – arrivals to BHX or departures from CVT?

The aircraft inbound to BHX are always given priority over the aircraft departing from CVT.  This sometimes can result in unwanted delays incurred by CVT departures waiting to depart on Runway 23.  In turn, arrivals to Runway 23 at CVT must then be held if a departure is waiting for the “Critical Area” to clear.


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